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Flush is produced by Underdog Entertainment - no strangers to controversy - having created the daring late night series, Below the Belt. Widely respected for the quality of the company’s documentary work, Flush is helmed by award-winning director Luiz DeBarros (Metamorphosis, Death, By Night).

Flush combines interviews with both everyday and extraordinary people on their toilet experiences, together with profiles of unusual toilets, and a smattering of loo history.

The documentary takes a look at the unusual and fascinating things we do in toilets, from reading to having sex. We’ll take an irreverent peek at public toilets, cultural perspectives on the loo, toilet décor and gender issues. Flush examines the joys of kitsch toilet décor and explores many of the bizarre attitudes our society and diverse cultures attach to the loo.

Says director Luiz DeBarros, “The first question everyone asks is,’ why a documentary on toilets?’, but once you start talking about the subject, you can’t get people to stop! The toilet is an integral part of our lives - it intimately reflects our values, culture and preoccupations”, he adds.

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